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What you’ll take away from this self-hypnosis

  • Feel vibrantly healthy and happy
  • Attract whatever you desire
  • Release your creative talents
  • Free yourself from negative-self talk
  • Express who you REALLY are
  • Access the wisdom of your higher self

“I had an healing session with Micaela Miraclecatcher recently. Wow! Life Changing! Micaela is a rare gem: deeply wise, exceptionally skilled, caring, intuitive, and communicates directly and from the heart. She helped me greatly in understanding the direction of my life path and helped me map out specific next steps to ground the vision and move forward now. I’m a fellow intuitive healer and she helped me see what I did not see myself…and she encouraged me with compassion to claim my new self, not the one I was comfortable with. Truly, one the finest transformational readings I have ever received. We all need support on the path. If you need any; clarity and/or guidance on your life purpose/next steps, do not hesitate to contact her right away. I recommend her highly!”

~ William J. O’Mara (The Corporate Sage) Ph.D.
Greenwich CT USA

“Micaela is one of the most extraordinary coaches I have encountered in my life. She has a high aptitude for teaching a full room of people how to open up and let love come in. I have never met anybody that holds so much information, but at the same time stays so centered and open to new ideas. Her personal qualities are just as impressive as her intellectual achievements. She has counseled me through the years since 2003 with her knowledge and her intuitive methods. There are so many talents Micaela has it would take me a very long time to list all of them. All I can say is “She truly is a MiracleCatcher!”

~ Izabela Hamilton , Information Management Assistant (IMA)
at US Embassy Myanmar

About Micaela “Miraclecatcher” Bellopede:

Micaela BellopedeMicaela Bellopede, M.Ed, MIEM, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master has been helping others reach their highest potential for 30 years. She currently teaches at UCSD and maintains a private practice. She has studied and worked in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia empowering over 10,000 people from 33 countries. Her spiritual/healing training draws from Hindu, Egyptian, Greek, Native American, Chinese, and Celtic traditions. She blends Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Usui Reiki, Time Line Dynamics, and Neuro-linguistic Programming to dissolve limiting beliefs and align the subconscious mind with the desired outcome, thus creating new behavior patterns. Micaela is also an artist and philanthropist. For more information, visit her site for women: